What Is House Music?

The house music is basically an electronic dance type of music which initially originated in Chicago back in early 1980s. It is during the same decade that the music got popularized among the African-American, the Latino American and the gay communities. The music gradually gained popularity lead by the infamous House Music Tour. The popularity spread through the United States before spreading to the world.

The origin of the word ‘House Music’ might trace the roots from a nightclub in Chicago by the name ‘The Warehouse’. The club existed between 1977 and 1983. This was a dancing spot for the gay black and the Latino men who frequented the place for disco dances. The name is believed to have been derived from a sign written ‘we play house music’.

The infamous House Music Tour is the one that introduced the music to Europe. England received the new kind of music as one of the best music and contributed in its spread. England played a huge role in the spread and development of the music through out the entire European continent. This was still in the 1990s and the spread got to the peak in the mid 90s. In present day, the music has been infused in various music mainstreams such as good techno songs, pop and dance across the globe. The music is unique in a way and its popularity has been attributed to the elements from other music.

The House music has been influenced greatly by other kind of music. The visible elements include those of funk and soul infused varieties of disco. In general, the house music basically mimics the disco percussion. This has is evident especially when considering the continued use of the bass drum on the bears. The music also includes the electronic drums, synthesizer baseline, funk, pop and the electronic effects that make the music appear more like the top techno songs. It is by far the best kind of music for the people who love soul and funk music. It has the elements prominent in it and they are augmented by the techno aspect.

Basically, the house music is an up-tempo music designed for dancing though a little off when compared to the modern dance. It lies at mid-tempo which is basically between 118 and 135 beats per minute. Generally, the prominent element is the kick drum which tends to appear on all the beats. The beats have been known to be generated by either a sampler or a drum machine. Extended dropouts and kick fills augment the kick drum.

The house music has had great impacts in various fronts ranging from social to political fields. The music has been used many times to convey political messages to the people who are considered as outcasts in the society. This was basically done to point at the people who did not fit in the American mainstream society. This was celebrated by most of the black males and hence was associated with the black Americans. All in all, the house music is designated for dance and the main goal for its creation was to fit the nightlife.